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Galco Miami Classic II Shoulder System

by Jessie Indracusin

Shoulder Rig...is this right for me?

Individual opinions on if this is a good option for conceal carry, depends on the purpose and use, just like any holster system.  Can you run around in a T-shirt and shorts with a shoulder rig?  Maybe if you are Sunny Crockett chasing someone in a white Ferrari Testerossa.  So how useful is a holster system that may not be the most concealable option?  So let me illustrate it as follows:

Top Reasons to get a Shoulder Holster like this:

1) Maximum Comfort for long duration wear

2) Most comfortable option for sitting at a desk/chair/car for a long period of time

3) Best option for spinal alignment (explanation: when you wear a holster on your dominate side, you typically will fidget and adjust your hip to make it more comfortable when you sit.  This adjustment is actually bad for your back alignment.)

4) Work in an environment that you can open carry, this is very comfortable


Top Reasons not to get a Shoulder Holster like this:

1) Hot Weather = minimum concealment -not practical to wear jacket/sweater to cover it up when it's a 100 degrees outside

2) Cost = Most expensive option and can retail up to $200 with all attachment accessories

3) Not always readily available for your pistol. Can be a hard item to get, so you need to be patient when ordering one from any dealer.


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Last Updated (Sunday, 05 June 2011 20:59)