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Ankle Carry Considerations

by Jessie Indracusin

Why Ankle Carry?

With so many people doing small of back and side carry, the logical question needs to be, why ankle carry at all?  In short, anything is safer for you than small of back carry.  At the end of the day, most people will not argue the fact that you are more likely to fall down than deploy your handgun to defend yourself (maybe unless you live in Detroit).  The issue with Small of Back Carry is the position it is located makes sitting down in a vehicle, chair, etc. sometimes very uncomfortable.  Regardless if you are a comfortable with that or can deal with the discomfort, slipping and falling on your back with a chunk of metal sitting right there can cause possible serious, unreversable damage to your spine.  I'm all for protecting myself, believe me, but at the cost of possibly being paralyzed for slipping on a wet floor at the local Mega Grocery store is not in the cards for me.

So then why not carry on your side? Side carry is, by far, the best way to carry a gun.  However, this can not always be practical.  Sometimes if you are going out for a nice dinner, having an untucked shirt to hide your pistol is not an option.

So Why Does Ankle Carry Work?

Ankle carry is a great way of hidding a small backup pistol.  Most commonly, I do Ankle Carry when I am out and about and dressed up.  Since it is not always practical being able to cover up with a suit jacket (you may have to remove it), having a gun hidden on your ankle is a great option of being able to carry.  The downside is, regardless of what they try to show you in Hollywood, the importance of getting to hard cover before pulling out your weapon is even more critical than side carry.  It is MUCH slower getting to your gun than pretty much any other carry options.  However, the right holster can be VERY concealed and you are pretty much able to do anything without it being exposed (maybe with the exception or running around in shorts).

Fobus Holster for Glock 36

So when you are considering an ankle holster, make sure you look at options that have either an attached calf strap or removable calf strap.So this is a follow up to video I did about a year ago.  I wanted to give my feedback on this holster since as time has passed, I am not as happy with it as I was initially.  It is very uncomfortable and needs a calf strap badly in order to work effectively.  The part of the bone that sticks directly out on the side of your foot, pointing towards your other foot, can be irritated by the positioning of the holster.  The video illustrates this.

So when you are considering an ankle holster, make sure you look at options that have either an attached calf strap or removable calf strap.


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