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Glock Vs. H&K

by Jessie Indracusin


This is a re-write of an article we did in the past.  I have refreshed the content and updated it with new information.  The video was also re-done more importantly and that is added to the end of the article.

Is this a fair comparison?

The first question we must ask is "Is this a fair comparison?".  These two guns are not technically the same price.  We will cover this in detail.  Mainly it is like asking someone do they like a Porsche GT2 or a Ferrari 360 Modena more?  Both are great performance cars that will make heads turn, but the Ferrarri costing an extra $100,000 doesn't make the comparison fair.  There is going to be a bit of this with the comparison.  However, since the difference in firearms is a few hundred dollars and not the cost of a house, we are still going to make the comparisons.

Glock Edges over HK

Glock has what is most arguably the best customer service in the industry.  This beats Heckler and Koch any day.  With H&K, if you are not a Law Enforcement group, Federal Agency, Private Military Corporation, etc. good luck with the customer service.  It took me once 6 months to get two XL Poloshirts with H&K logos on it.  Glock has the price beat, averaging about $600 a gun versus H&K at roughly $900 a gun.  For the discounted cost compared to the H&K, the gun has phenominal reliability.  Use under fire are solid.  You can rapid fire this gun all day, probably shove a few thousand rounds through the gun and forget to oil it.  Accuracy wise, it is also one of (if not the most) accurate guns in this price range.

My most recent experience with Glock customer service, really makes it truly excel here.  I have a Glock that was produced in 1989.  The gun was damaged through extensive rounds and use.  The gun was purchased initially used in 1992, so the existing service record was unknown, plus I put another 5000 rounds through the gun.  I contacted Glock, which had me talking to a real person almost instantly.  I was immediately transfered to a technician who quickly determined I needed to send my gun in and they would repair it.  They didn't hassle me for some proof of purchase, ask about after market parts, etc.  They said, send it and and we will take care of it.  After about 4-5 weeks, the gun was sent back to me completely stripped down and replaced.  They replaced about 18 parts at zero cost to me, including shipping the gun back to me free of charge.  They test fired the gun, sent me a target of the performance, and I was on my way.

If immitation is the greatest form of flattery, then the Glock is up there.  The design has been so closely copied over the years by many other manufacturers.  In fact the most common comparisons this gun has is the S&W M&P series of pistols, Springfield XD/XDm and many others.  At the end of the day, Glock has been through numerous generations of their weapon innovation system and has perfected what some call "The Plastic Gun".  I can not think of any gun I would get over a Glock at this price range.  Accuracy is solid and I have owned many of them (never being let down).

Some people consider this gun the "Import Tuner of pistols".  You can find Glock Accessories EVERYWHERE. Anyone who designs something for a gun, will ALWAYS make a version for a Glock.  This is an easy gun to customize and parts are plentiful.  Factory parts can be found at pretty much any gun store.  Glock experts can be found anywhere.  The magazines are everywhere for this gun. Both factory (which is the ONLY magazines you should buy for any gun except an AR) magazines and third party ones are easy to come by.

Interchangability between Glocks is common.  In MOST cases, all larger Glock Magazines will fit in small Glock pistols.  This is very handy if you want to buy spare magazines or go shooting other Glock's of the same caliber.

Accuracy is great with this gun.  Absolutely nothing lacking here compared to other weapon's in this price range (and of course non-custom firearms).

Plus, you can add a Micro T-1, R-1, or H-1 DIRECTLY on the slide of this gun!!!!!  I'm sorry, that is just too cool!

Heckler and Koch Leads

Accuracy. Enough said.

The Heckler and Koch patented recoil system is unmatched by any gun of the same caliber (in of course a non-custom built gun).  As a duty gun, this gun is solid.  Engaging targets at 25 yards is a breeze. Of course, this comes at a premium over the Glock.  For example, some Heckler and Koch handguns can run up to about $2300.  But then, damn you have one absolute tank of a gun.

Speaking of durability, the Heckler and Koch firearms use a patented Hostile Environment finish.  This finish is designed to protect the gun even in salt water corrusion.  I have neglected my Heckler and Koch guns far more than any other handgun since I have no doubts, the gun can handle it.  These guns are the top of the food chain for firearms.

However, there are some failures in dealing with H&K firearms.  The parts are harder to find than a 13 year old virgin in a cult polygamist camp.  Customer service is a royal pain in the ass.  Luckily the guns are built so well you will NEVER NEED TO TALK TO THEM.  Magazines are a joke and can cost up to $80 a magazine for a factory mag.  There are really no options for cheaper magazines.  Nearly every H&K gun of the same caliber requires a unique magazine.  I own numerous .45 ACP H&K and they all have unique magazines.  Also, I have not found any third party magazine that I would consider trustworthy to use in these guns.  I really feel that all the benefits you get with the H&K are lost, when you add third party magazines.


At the end of the day, if money is no object (and you wipe your ass with $20 bills), Heckler and Koch is the way to go.  Also if you are REALLY serious about wanting a gun of this caliber and plan to shoot it, this is a great option.  If firearms are something you are going to shoot 50 rounds once a year, save your money, by the Glock and still be VERY happy.  Like I tell everyone though, try to shoot both guns in YOUR hands.  My opinion means crap if one feels better and shoots better in your hands.  You will notice that Heckler and Koch guns do tend to fit better with people of larger hands, which is why I probably love them so much myself.  In general, I would not recommend H&K firearms to women because of this specific reason.

I tend to always recommend a Glock to all female shooters (since they make a Glock in so many different sizes), first time shooters (very simple to strip down, clean and operate), CHL holders (easy to draw from a concealment since the gun has smooth squared off lines that tend to not catch on anything) and budget conscience shooters.

If you have the funds and REALLY like to shoot, ESPECIALLY with a larger caliber .45 ACP, you need to move to an H&K.  Smaller caliber 9mmP some of the benefits of the H&K recoil system taming such a small bullet are lost.  In this case, the accuracy difference is not noticable at all.

I have owned many of each manufacturer and they are both solid guns.  Either direction you decide to go, you will be very happy with.

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