Review of the HK USP 45 Match Edition.  Click the READ MORE to read the article and find the video link.

HK USP 45 Match

by Jessie Indracusin


The HK USP 45 Match is a bit of a rare HK firearm.  I do not recommend this gun for the casual shooter, first time shooter or someone not really into competitive or taking combat shooting courses.  This gun is first hard to find and tends to only be parted when someone dies.  I know that sounds very morbid, but mine was original owned by a large collector who's horrible and ungrateful kids sold this beauty off at an  estate auction.

When buying this gun, you need to ensure it is a REAL Match edition.  This can be verified by the following:

Serial number located on the frame (located on the bottom of the frame in front of the trigger gard)

Serial Number located on the barrel (located on the side of the barrel and visible with a closed bolt)

Serial Number located on the slide (Left side of the gun above the slide release).

All three of the above serial numbers need to match.  If they do, then you have a real Match Edition.


The HK USP 45 Match is the top of the line for the HK pistols.  This gun is very similiar to the SOCOM MK23 but without the threaded barrel.  It is a more accurate pistol then the SOCOM but is not quite as tactical (the Utility Rail on the bottom of the gun is unusable on the Match edition since the Compensator is attached to it).  So the Mk23 SOCOM and the Expert have the benefit of still having an available rail to attach a light, laser or combo.  However, this gun is perfect for competition shooting, which is how it is setup for.

 The gun has a compensator that helps reduce the relatively mild kick of the 45 (because of HK's recoil system) and keeps the barrel from popping up so much.  However, this is a heavy gun.  Some compare the weight of this gun to a Desert Eagle.  However, this gun is about actually being a practical shooting gun rather then trying to look like some East Los Angeles Gang Member with his pants to his knees.  So just because this may look a little like a Desert Eagle, the gun is FAR superior to it.  NO SERIOUS shooter considers a Desert Eagle a practical or incredibly useful gun (most people I know who own a Desert Eagle as part of their collection, rarely shoot it.  It is more of a conversational gun or something they bring out once in a while to show off with their friends).  This gun (HK USP 45 Match) is both accurate and highly reliable.  

The roughly 6" barrel on the Match edition makes this excellent to shoot at targets that are at long ranges and for excellent point shoot style combat shooting.  



The price tag of this gun runs about $2000.00 when you can find it.  You will rarely see one at a gun show and never see them at a gun shop.  HK released a new version of the HK Match pistols (or bet yet, competition pistols) which most people find inferior to the original match in nearly every way.  As I mentioned before, you have to really be into shooting and HK weapons to invest in getting this gun.  There are plenty of other pistols I would recommend to the casual shooter over this one (since this is overkill for most shooters)









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