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Tea Party Express

By Jessie Indracusin


The Tea Party Express made a stop on September 4th in Dallas.  I took some time out of my schedule to attend this event on Friday.  For those that do not know what this is about, here is the organization's website to learn more.  The event started at around 11:00 and ended about 1:00PM.  


I personally went to the event to see what I was hearing about on television.  Although most people think the event is about Healthcare, it really is more than that.  The Tea Party Express is a way of everyone being able to show their disapproval of the Obama Administration.  First off, to clear up any false Obama rumors, Fox News did not call me up and invite me to attend, pay me to attend and Glenn Beck did not drive to my house, pick me up and bring me to the event.  There is this miss conception in the liberal media that no one that disagrees with the Obama administration has a right to protest.  That we are all part of some elaborate plot by Fox News or the Republican Party.  When you look at the video portion of this article, you will see based on the INDIVIDUALLY MADE SIGNS  by people who brought them out, versus the pre-made signs that are passed out at carefully orchestrated liberal protests, that people are mad and angry about a lot of different things right now.

The common theme among everyone is Tyranny.  We have a government that no longer listens to the people and is taxing us without representation.  Our opinions and what I feel is even more important, our wallets, are being squandered on every retarded liberal Spending Bill out there.  Look at the government bail outs, the administrations cabinet filled with the top Anti-Gun supporters in the country, "Cash for Clunker" programs to use MY TAX MONEY to help buy a Korean built car for someone who didn't even pay $4500 in taxes last year.  

Spend a few minutes watching my video and feel free to pause and read the signs.  I was watching people walk to this event carrying their home made signs down the street.  The parking was maxed out at the event. It really was to the point the venue could not hold anyone else and people were being turned away.  I would estimate there was around a 1000 people at this event in a very small parking lot area at a local restaurant.  To be totally honest, I think they would have been better suited to pick another venue since this one couldn't handle the number of people.  

Please excuse the camera work.  Most of this work had to be done sitting on top of a 10-15 foot fence that was swaying from all the people sitting on top of it.   Even from that angle I was unable to get any video of the speakers since the event was so crowded.  I am happy to see so many people take time off of work in the middle of the day to unite and show their disapproval of this administration.


I would encourage anyone who is concerned about the overwelming disregard our government has for the position it's citizens have on issues, to become involved locally and help unite others.  I am hoping that this type of event will spawn others of it's kind.  Please feel free to view the video and comment in the forums.   

 As Thomas Jefferson once said: "I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."  This best describes the Obamanation view of categorizing anyone who does not agree with them a potentional "Domestic Terrorist".


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