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Harrold Indep School Dist

by Jessie Indracusin


David Thweatt was a superintendent with a problem.  He was concerned on what would be the result if a Columbian incident happened in his school.  How long would it take for the police to respond?  He needed a better solution to protect his students immediately.  He wanted a solution that would allow maximum results for a minimum cost to the school district.  The solution was simple.  Allow select teachers and staff members to be armed.

August 25th, 2008, David Thweatt set history in Texas as the only school to allow teachers to carry guns.  Not only the first and only school in the state, it was also the only school in the country.  Liberals were up in arms and on the war path.  Guns in school?  Wasn't this the exact opposite of "so called" Gun Free zones that liberal Soccer Moms were trying to create faster than double coupon days at the grocery store?

Where are they now?

So a year has passed.  What happened with all the calls that if this was allowed guns would become a distraction in schools?  That the concealed handguns would be constantly exposed by accident.  Some even suggested that teachers would be using the guns to keep unruly students in school.  So how many incidents of ANY kind have happened in regards to guns on campus?  Zero.  Surprised?  Probably not.  Has ANY major news channel talked about this?  Nope.

New Legal Precedence/Case Study?

So what has this proved?  Even in a K through 12 environment, firearms were no distractions in a school.  This really brings us to the next issue.  Who's next?  If having teachers armed is an option of enhancing First Responder efforts to protect the youth in this country, I am all for it.  How fast would Columbian have ended if the teachers were armed? 

If you are believe that Firearms on campus are a viable option to respond to lunatics and mental disturbed people who are out to inflict harm on others, I strongly encourage you to visit and support , which is a great website to learn more about this topic.  I covered this a bit before, but for those who have not read my article in regards to this, please click the following link to see our discussion on this topic which can be found HERE .

Additional information can be found here from Reporter News.


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